In the City


Firstly, I owe my readers an explanation for my prolonged absence from WordPress. I promised that I would write regularly, and I do not wish to go back on my promise so hopefully with this piece I can regain my streak. 🙂

University classes started two weeks ago, and in the midst of meeting new people, commuting between Brooklyn and Manhattan for my classes, exploring new places and opportunities I have been provided, I have endeared myself to the city of New York. That is not to say that I don’t miss home– nay! there are things from home that I find myself craving; from the chicken shawarmas, the sound of the adhan (call to prayer in the Islamic faith), and familiar faces of family and friends. My mother’s cooking is what I yearn for the most, and each cooking venture I embark upon is reminiscent of the meals I would have at home.

Currently, I am taking four classes: two required engineering courses, a cognitive neuroscience course, and a journalism class. On the side, I am hoping to take an Arabic language class and a programming course which will provide me with important skills that I can apply in the future isA. Additionally, I wish to pick up skills in a new sport, or hone my existing skills in what I know (i.e. basketball), and work that in to my schedule.

So, this is what I’ve been up to. I really hope to continue with more posts in the near future. Until then.



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