Deafening Silence

Today, I wish to write about connections.

If one really takes the time to notice their surroundings, and to reflect on what they are doing and how it benefits them, there would be much good in this world. This may be an utopian view of the world, as I am someone who swears by the motto “Ignorance is bliss” but what should one think in regards to all that has been happening around the world. I went to watch the evening fireworks at Coney Island on Friday evening, a weekly occurrence during the summer months, and a friend recounted the week’s happenings. Actually, scratch that. She narrated the events which took place in the last 24 hours: the recent military coup in Turkey, and the loss of innocent human lives in France. Hearing the news made me very sad.

The imam who delivered the khutba, or sermon, this week at the Friday prayers also touched upon this topic. He spoke about how we should not be desensitized by the constant news of killings and shootings. He urged that we remain steadfast and persevere in our hope for peace, spread positivity and provide support where it is needed. I pray that we do not grow immune to the innocent loss of lives around the world and that we mourn for them as if we knew them. For in fact, who does not mourn the loss of a loved one: a sibling, parent, uncle, aunt, cousin, friend, relative, colleague, or even an acquaintance?



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