The journey begins…

If only travel were possible without the winding long lines, and the routine steps at immigration at the airport. If only one could transport oneself immediately, like what happens in those fiction novels where the main character can will themselves to a particular destination (these are given different names, such as Apparition or Teleporting but it’s the same deal really).

In my First Post, I hinted that I will be traveling to a ‘faraway place’ in the near future. It is now time. I am about to embark on a new adventure- I am going to the Big Apple!

New York. The land of endless opportunities. Broadway. Eccentric museums. Vibrant Times Square. A typical foreigner’s account of New York would not be complete without mentioning these.  

In the coming weeks, I hope to soak in as much of the city as possible. I’ll be approaching the city keeping in line with my previous posts on languages and literature, and hopefully bring forth a unique perspective to you. 😏✌🏻️

2:54 AM

We’re about to board the flight. Ohmigod it’s actually happening, I’m actually going to NEW YORK!


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