First Post

Hello everyone!

So a little bit about myself. I’m an engineering student starting my third (junior) year at university this year. Unofficially, I’m an aspiring writer with dreams to bridge the (apparent) divide between the arts and sciences. It’s an ambitious goal, I know, but there are already various other efforts and I believe together we can conquer the world err- build bridges to unite both worlds.

I hail from the southern state of India, Kerala which is known for its serene lakes and rivers and ubiquitous coconut trees. I reside in the United Arab Emirates, and have lived here long enough to call it home, but it is time to say goodbye as I enter a new chapter of my life (more on this in future posts).

Since this post is meant to introduce the blog, I’ll start by explaining the title of the blog and why it is named so. Besides the obvious fact that I envision people to come and immerse themselves while also taking away (hopefully) useful knowledge, I hope to have posts relating to languages, travel and books. Hopefully there will be something for everybody and I look forward to writing soon!


Siba Siddique


2 thoughts on “First Post

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad the tagline makes sense haha- was worried it wasn’t clear
      I’ve always enjoyed writing (and reading!) and it is only recently that I got interested in linguistics/learning about languages and it’s something I would like to explore in my future posts. It’s the first time I’m writing a blog so any tips in blogging is much appreciated!

      Again, thanks for stopping by 🙂


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